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Kenneth Birdwell

Kenneth Birdwell

Date of Death--25 October 1998

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10/09/11 11:48 PM #1    

Max Blair

Many of you may not have know Kenneth as he was reserved although I don't believe he was shy. He lived in Valhalla which is the subdivision immediately south of the high school. I ran around with him and he was about my best friend. However, as many of you know, friendships change as people pass through out lives. I don't know where he moved to.

Kenneth was probably one of the most decent and honorable people I've known. He had very good parents, although I didn't know them well.

Kenneth was very smart, lots smarter than I was, (as if that were a compliment). He loved to work on models which we were always playing with. I will always remember the one car model he had made and painted a yellowish green metallic color. He had put it in a case and entered it in a model show. He had won a prize with it. He was humble about it, too. He just quietly showed me the model and said he'd won a contest with it. He didn't make a big deal of it. If I had, you'd all have seen it at show and tell.

I don't know why we played with me, as I was not on his level of maturity and responsibility. He truely was a decent Christian person.


03/05/18 02:04 PM #2    

Beverly Eves (McCormick)

Thanks for the comments, I enjoyed the read. He was a kind person.

Beverly Eves McCormick


03/05/18 03:55 PM #3    

Abe Martinez

Spent five minutes trying to post a comment ( ??? )  Didn't know if it went through. It's like im back in the sixties:)   

Did not know Kenneth very well but feel for the family. So young by this days standards.

It is nice to see the comments on this website , as it is a very nice way to kinda stay in touch with those we grew up wit. Hope both of you and your families are well. 

Have lost soooooo many form our class :(( 

Of the five people I mostly hung out with . I know of only one still with us ( Jeff Norris )   Lost Larry Leyba, Rick Thurgood, Lynn Jeppesen

Wondering if anything is being talked about a fifty year reunion coming up in 2018.  Wow !!!  50 Years !!!

Peace and look forward to any comments


Abe Martinez

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